Command Warrant Officer Appointment

Published on 25/04/2023

Lt Col (VCC) Chris Spratt was delighted to formally appoint WO2 (VCC) Ryan Shelley GM as the new Command Warrant Officer (CWO) in the Volunteer Cadet Corps on Mon 24 Apr 2023. 

Having served 12 years in the Royal Marines as a medic, Mr Shelley was awarded the George Medal for actions in active service while in Afghanistan. After leaving the Corps in 2014, Mr Shelley joined the NHS as a Paramedic on the HART team where he spent a number of years working whilst also volunteering in the VCC – latterly as the Executive Officer at HMS Excellent RNVCC. 

Responsible for monitoring and guiding Service matters across the VCC, focusing on supporting standards, discipline, ethos, values, and culture, as CWO Mr Shelley will act as Comd VCC’s representative amongst the CFAVs. He will also support and guide adult volunteers in their continuing personal development.

Upon appointment, WO2 (VCC) Ryan Shelley GM said “It’s a privilege to take on this role in the Volunteer Cadet Corps and I am really excited to get started”

“The role of the Command Warrant Officer is to act as a bridge between our units and the Senior Leadership Team. Getting out to the units, working with the teams and helping to provide the best possible experience for our Cadets and Adult Volunteers.”. 

We cannot wait to see Mr Shelley out and about visiting our Units. Why not follow our CWO on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about this crucial volunteer role. 

Historic Evening for HMS Excellent RNVCC

Published on 23/04/2023

One of our senior cadets in HMS Excellent RNVCC sat and passed a Cadet Warrant Officers Board with flying colours. Their CO was subsequently pleased to advance CPO Cadet Archie to WO2 Cadet, and in doing so he is the first Warrant Officer cadet for the unit. Archie is also one of our First Sea Lord Cadets, and hopes to follow his uncle (also a former VCC cadet) into the Service.

So BZ to him and all those adult volunteers who help our inspirational Royal Navy and Royal Marines Cadets unlock their potential, achieve success and #MeetTheChallenge!

Youth & Cadets Dinner

Published on 23/03/2023

On Thursday evening, the Volunteer Cadet Corps was represented at the Royal Navy Youth & Cadets Dinner hosted by the Second Sea Lord, VAdm Martin Connell CBE at Admiralty House.

Selected independently by the Commander VCC to represent the organisation, Lt (VCC) Alfie Richardson, CO HMS Excellent Royal Naval Volunteer Cadet Corps; CSgt (VCC) Stuart Hinchliffe, CO Portsmouth Division Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps and Capt (VCC) Louis Colpitts, Executive Officer (Support) joined adult volunteers from Combined Cadet Force RN-RM, RN Recognised Sea Scouts and Sea Cadet Corps over dinner to recognise the hard work, commitment and motivation of each and every CFAV within the RNCF.

The evening was a mixture of learning about the Cadet Forces history (spanning back pre Battle of Trafalgar) with the Admiralty Librarians to learning and understanding how the modern RN will develop further have a positive impact on the delivering the cadet experience. It also gave our volunteers time to discuss directly with the 2SL the highs and lows of their service (both as a cadet and as volunteers).

We give thanks to all of our Adult Volunteers across the organisation, without you and the time that you put in, we would not be able to provide the opportunities to our cadets.

Portsmouth RMVCC Cadet Warrant Officer’s Board

Published on 21/03/2023

On Tuesday evening, eligible cadets from Portsmouth RMVCC were selected to attend their Cadet Warrant Officer Board. 

The Board was Chaired by Capt (VCC) Louis Colpitts, Executive Officer (Support) VCC and supported by WO1Bug Phill Hawkins RM, Corps Bugle Major Royal Marines Band Service and WO2 Russ Piner RM, 2IC Bands of RMVCC Gosport. 

The cadets undertook an interview that focused on their cadet experience and career, personal and unit development opportunities and their vision of the role. 

Capt Colpitts said “It really is a great opportunity for the cadets to sit Boards like this. For many, it is their first time to interviewed and it will give them the opportunities to prepare for life.

Not only is it fulfilling to see the pride in their face when they find out they have passed, but to learn how the cadets have developed and grown as an individual with thanks to the VCC, certainly makes it worth it”. 

Congratulations to Cadet CSgt’s Parr and Hinchliffe on your promotions to Cdt WO2. As Spider-Man said “with great power, comes great responsibility”. 

Both cadets provided fantastic responses to the questions asked with maturity, passion and enthusiasm. They were a true credit to the VCC and to the Royal Marines. 

VCC launches the Volunteer Cadet Corps Inclusivity Network!

Published on 14/02/2023

The Volunteer Cadet Corps is delighted to launch the VCC Inclusivity Network!

Inclusion is at the very heart of everything we do as an organisation. Our Cadets come from all walks of life and backgrounds, and owing to our historic links to Service Families, Cadets could be from all over the world. Therefore, it’s imperative that we appreciate our differences, so that we may understand more of what we share, rather than fixating on what we don’t. 

Jack Kanani, our newly appointed Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Lead said “my main role is to support, advise and advocate to anyone and everyone”. Working alongside other adult volunteers, Jack will lead on inclusive training and begin to build a network of EDI Leaders within each Unit. 

The Volunteer Cadet Corps Inclusivity Network is for everyone. 

Lt Col (VCC) Chris Spratt, Commander VCC, said “the formation of the VCC Inclusivity Network will help to generate the inclusive, supportive and emotionally intelligent culture required to make the VCC accessible for all. I give thanks to Jack for the hard work he has put in and looking forward to our collaborative working with our fellow Cadet Forces Networks, Service Networks and also the Royal Navy Race Diversity Network”. 

Follow the Volunteer Cadet Corps Inclusivity Network on Twitter: