Join as a Cadet

Published on 02/07/2016

We accept applications for new recruits from anyone under the age of 16 (inclusive).  You don’t have to wait until your child is 9 years old to apply as we have many younger children on our waiting list ready to be called forward for the next recruit intake after their 9th birthday.

How to Join

There are just four easy steps to joining the VCC:

  1. Complete the electronic form  which needs to be please completed in full
  2. We will acknowledge receipt of the application and provide an estimated joining date (depending on vacancies and the applicant’s age).
  3. We will invite the applicant to join by attending a Recruit Induction Night (there are generally two a year in each VCC unit).

It is that simple, so why not sign up now, using the link below and get your name or your child’s name on our waiting list?

Apply to join the VCC as a Cadet


Our joining fee is just £80 which must be paid on the induction night and our monthly subscriptions are only £10 per month.

The £80 joining fee covers the initial administration on signing up the cadet to all recruit training and activities plus security passes and identification. The joining fee also covers the cost of the very first training weekend which includes all transport, food and accommodation. The Cadet must attend this weekend to enable them to pass out on their final parade from recruit training.

New recruits can also purchase a VCC, RNVCC or RMVCC tie during their Recruit Induction Night to show their friends the new organisation they have joined.

Too Old?

Being over 18 doesn’t mean missing out on all the VCC activities. You can join as an Adult Volunteer and enjoy all the activities while also picking up exactly the kind of teamwork and leadership abilities that employers and universities are looking for.

Further Information

Please contact your nearest VCC unit for further information and details about Recruit Induction dates.