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Published on 04/07/2016

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For more information about the VCC please contact us:

  • Headquarters VCC, Royal Naval and Royal Marines Cadets, Fort Grange Keep, HMS SULTAN, Military Road, GOSPORT, PO12 3BY.

Please note our office is only open on Tuesday and Friday evenings, so please phone during the above times or email us.  You may also like to use our social media sites via Facebook and Twitter.

More Information

You can find out more about the VCC from our Welcome to the Challenge guide.  You can also contact each VCC unit (generally for joining enquiries) by using the contact information provided on each unit home page.


We try to do our best but as adult volunteers leading and running the VCC in our spare time we sometimes might make a mistake.  As most VCC activities take place locally at our units many concerns can be dealt with quickly in an informal way by our Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs).  However, if you have a complaint or concern that requires more formal action we ask that you follow the three stage process below:

  • Stage 1.  If you wish to complain about a matter within a unit please talk to the Commanding Officer (CO) or Welfare Officer (WO).   They will listen to your complaint or concern, and do their best to answer them.  This will either be done in writing or they may ask you to attend a meeting.  Contact details are available on the unit pages or from Headquarters VCC.
  • Stage 2. If you feel you do not want to discuss the matter with the unit CO or WO, or if they cannot deal with your concerns, or if your query is more serious, you should contact the Executive Officer (Support) at Headquarters VCC.  Your complaint should be in writing and sent to (and marked ‘Private’).
  • Stage 3. If after receiving a response to your complaint from the XO(S) you are concerned that it was not handled appropriately, or still consider that you have not had a satisfactory answer, you can forward your complaint to the Commander VCC.  Please do so in writing by email to (again, please mark your email as ‘Private’).

We accept complaints from cadets (via their parents or guardians) and CFAVs about how they have been treated by the VCC and from parents or guardians of cadets with concerns about how their child has been treated by the VCC.  We also look at complaints from members of the public about the conduct of cadets and CFAVs while they are taking part in cadet activities.  Most minor complaints arise from a misunderstanding and can be dealt with directly by the VCC; however if the complaint is about behaviour that may be of a criminal nature or about a matter where a young person might be at risk it will be immediately referred to the appropriate authorities.  Where the allegation is about a matter where a young person might be at risk but not about conduct which may be of a criminal nature a report will be made to Social Services and their advice requested.  The safety and well-being of our cadets is always our primary concern.

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