Volunteer Vacancies

Published on 02/05/2019

If you are interested in joining the Volunteer Cadet Corps as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer, whether as a Uniformed Instructor, Service Helper or Non-Uniformed Support Staff, please see our Join Us page for our application forms and further information.

Our current vacancies are detailed below:

Headquarters VCC

Band of the VCC

  • Musically trained Instructing Staff
  • Teaching Drums, Wind and Brass (inc Cornet)

Arbroath Division RMVCC

Gosport Division RMVCC

HMS Collingwood RNVCC

HMS Excellent RNVCC


Lympstone Division RMVCC

Portsmouth Division RMVCC

  • Cadet Training Staff – Uniformed Instructors
    • Cadet Training Syllabus Delivery
    • Field Exercises
    • Summer Camps
    • Drill Instructor
  • Clothing Store Staff – Non-Uniformed Support Staff
    • Reporting to RQMS
    • Maintaining Clothing Store
    • Receiving and Issuing Duties
    • Record Keeping & Stock Control
  • Field Stores Staff – Non-Uniformed Support Staff
    • Exercise Preparation
    • Receiving and Issuing Duties
    • Equipment Stock Control
  • Recruitment Officer – Uniformed Instructor
    • Local Event Co-Ordinator
    • Local School Visits
    • Recruitment Database maintenance
  • Unit Photographer – Uniformed or Non-Uniformed
    • Unit Functions, Events, Exercises and Parades

Plymouth Division RMVCC