Published on 29/12/2016

Headquarters VCC is based at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth and it is from here that Commander VCC and his staff oversee the efficient management and compliant governance of the Cadet Corps.

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Code of Conduct

As befits being a member of a disciplined uniformed organisation, we expect our cadets to adhere to a Code of Conduct.  This ensures they know what behaviour is expected of them and helps them to follow our ethos and values.

Clothing and Equipment

In the VCC we endeavour to loan uniform clothing to all of our cadets that best fits them.  This includes their Number 1 Dress (‘Dress 1A’) and other uniforms such as training rig or general service dress.  Please bear in mind that a lot of these uniforms are obtained from or supplied by the Ministry of Defence, and that as we take cadets from the age of 9 it can sometimes be challenging to kit out smaller cadets.  To this end we ask parents/guardians to do their best to get alterations made (regrettably we can’t pay for these) and sometimes it may be necessary for parents/guardians to buy additional clothing items.

We are in the process of working with a supplier to get some of the smaller sizes of uniforms specifically made for the VCC.  This will take some time and will require funding, so we thank you for your patience.

Please note that all clothing issued to you child is the property of the VCC or MOD, and must be returned upon them leaving us.  We issue something like £1,500 worth of uniform to most cadets, significantly more than our joining fee so we do appreciate the return of these items so that future cadets can benefit from them. It is our policy to recover items of VCC or MOD property loaned to cadets and reserve the right to use legal means to do so. We reserve the right to report to the police any items of VCC or MOD property put up for sale on sites such as eBay unless proof of ownership can be produced.