Staff Resources

Published on 13/12/2016

The VCC Regulations will be posted here soon.

20170129-VCR01 Cadet Corps Charter

20170129-VCR02 Governance and Assurance

20170129-VCR03 Training and Activities

20170129-VCR04 Safety and Environment

20170129-VCR05 Dress and Appearance

20170129-VCR06 Branding and Identity

20170129-VCR07 Safeguarding Children

20170129-VCR08 Security and Protection

20170129-VCR09 Conduct and Complaints

20170129-VCR10 Diversity and Inclusion

Standard Operational Procedures

SOPs for the VCC will be posted here soon.


Please visit the Templates page for approved downloadable copies of letterheads, posters, presentations and other material

Training Materials

Please log in to your Defence Gateway account to access MOD Cadet Force training materials and regulations.  If you are unsure where to find these publications please see your unit’s Training Officer.