Published on 6th October 2016

hms-sultan-rnvcc-shieldHMS Sultan’s Royal Navy Cadets are based at the Defence School of Marine Engineering where they are headquartered in Fort Grange, an old Palmerston Fort built to protect Portsmouth from a 19th Century invading French force.  The cadets make full use of their facilities and are a well known feature of the local community.

Youngsters enjoy training and competitions in military and naval skills, as well as sports and adventure training while developing an awareness of their community and service.  In addition to instruction in skills and sports, VCC cadets also get the chance to attend camps during school holidays and represent their units at major public events such as Armed Forces Day.

One of our most popular activities is the cadet Field Gun.  Cadets can join our active and well-known field gun crew and compete for team and individual trophies.  The cadets pull an original Boer War 7 pounder muzzle loading field gun weighing over a third of a ton along a 100 yard course, swapping the wheels over half-way to simulate crossing an obstacle.  The wheels each weight 70 pounds, about the same weight of one of our cadets, and after running at full speed the cadets can certainly be seen to be earning their victory.  This really is an active sport and required dedication, discipline and teamwork, and the crew can be seen competing each year against other cadets at the annual Sultan Summer Show.

sultan-cadets-remembrance-2016All of our cadets get to wear the traditional Royal Navy ratings ceremonial ‘square rig’ uniform as well as the more modern ‘action working dress’, and participate in traditional naval ceremonies.  The cadets also take part in parades including Remembrance Day events – our cadets on parade in November 2016 even appeared in the national press!

We are open to any youngsters aged between 9 and 17 who live in the local area, and accept applications to join before the age of 9 for our waiting list.

  • Address: HMS Sultan RNC, Fort Grange, HMS Sultan, Military Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 3BY.
  • Telephone: 02392 54 2198.
  • Email:
  • Training Nights: Mondays and Thursday 1800 to 2000.

Our key personnel are:

  • Commanding Officer: WO1 Mark Branson RN.
  • Executive Officer: WO1 Steve Matthews RNC.
  • Training Officer: SLt Alfie Richardson RNC.
  • Administration Officer: CPO Ian Sweet RNC.


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