About Us

Published on 6th October 2016

Formed in 1904 to keep mariners’ children out of mischief, the Royal Naval Volunteer Cadet Corps has become a flourishing youth organisation in the Portsmouth area.  The RNVCC, along with the Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps, is part of the VCC and is therefore sponsored and fully supported by the Royal Navy.

Our youngsters enjoy training and competitions in military skills and sports while developing an awareness of community and service.   In addition to instruction in skills and sports, RNVCC cadets also get the chance to attend camps during school holidays and also represent their units at major public events such as Remembrance Day and Armed Forces Day.  Royal Naval Cadets can also join their unit’s Cadet Field Gun crew and compete against other VCC and MOD cadet units to win coveted trophies, moreover in participating in our activities our cadets learn to stretch themselves, develop personal skills and make friends for life.

Today, the RNVCC has three units at:

The VCC is not a pre-service organisation and there is no obligation on any cadet to consider a career in HM Forces as a requirement for being a cadet, although any older cadets that express such an interest will be given appropriate assistance.  Many of our cadets do join the forces but equally many go on to have excellent careers in business and industry, all looking back to their time in the VCC and crediting us with having helped them on their way.

Visit Our Activities to find out more about what the Royal Naval Cadets of the RNVCC get up to.