Summer Camp 2017

Published on 6th February 2017

This year’s summer camp will be held in Vannes, Northern Brittany, where the cadets will be hosted by the 3rd Marine Battalion.

It is intended to depart the UK on the evening of Thursday 3rd August from RMB Stonehouse on the overnight Plymouth to Roscoff Ferry, returning in the early afternoon of Sunday 13th August to RMB Stonehouse.

The final program of activities is waiting to be finalised, I will send this out in due course with more information, as well as deliver a comprehensive parents brief prior to departing.

The cost for each cadet is £150, which will be supplemented by sponsorship and Cadet fund raising activities.  I think you will agree that this is excellent value for an all inclusive 10 night trip abroad with activities.

What I do need as quickly as possible is an idea of what number of cadets wishes to attend and whether they have passports and EHIC cards.  There is NO requirement for you to start applying for a passport for your child, those cadets who do not have passports can travel under the Government Collective (Group) Passport scheme which I will apply for once I know who needs to be part of it.  If your child has an individual passport they must travel on this passport.

Cadets will require an EHIC card which can be applied for online[1] and is free.  If you are being asked to pay towards an EHIC card you are not on the official NHS site.

This summer camp offers a fantastic opportunity for the RMVCC and I hope your cadet will be able to attend.

Please return the following attachment to the Admin Office should your child/ward wishes to attend no later that Mon 6 Feb 17.

Yours Sincerely,


P Cook

Capt RM

Liaison Officer PLYRMVCC



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