Gosport Division RMVCC

Published on 4th January 2022

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The VCC is built around our cadet training syllabus which is designed to encourage the best out of our cadets and provide them with transferable skills for use in later life. The cadet syllabus is based around these 10 training themes:

  • Turnout
  • Drill
  • Military knowledge
  • Skill at Arm
  • Navigation
  • Fieldcraft
  • Seamanship
  • First aid
  • Fitness and wellbeing
  • Community engagement
  • Music

Our youngsters enjoy their cadet training, particularly the competitions in military and naval skills, as well as wide variety of sports, all whilst developing an awareness of their community and the wider naval service.  In addition to instruction in skills and sports, VCC cadets also get the chance to attend weekend and summer camps during school holidays and to represent their units at major public events such as Armed Forces Day.

One of our most popular activities is the cadet Field Gun.  Based upon the traditions of the Royal Navy Brickwoods field gun competition held at HMS Collingwood, cadets can join our active and well-known field gun crew competing against the other VCC units for individual and team trophies.  This challenging activity sees our cadets pull an original Boer War 7lb field gun, weighing over a third of a ton, across an 85-yard course whilst swapping the wheels to simulate crossing an obstacle, bringing the gun into action, and then retiring over the finishing line.  Each gun wheel weighs in at 70 pounds, about the same weight as one of our cadets, and after running at full speed the cadets can certainly be seen to be earning their victory.  This really is an active competition which requires the cadets to fully embrace the naval service core values in order to achieve their end goal of winning the Command Trophy.

Like our other VCC units, our recruits undergo basic training for about 4 to 5 months as they are introduced to drill, map reading, navigation, first aid, field craft and RN history.  The recruits’ training finishes with a weekend camp based out of the fort where their teamwork skills are put to the test before their ‘Pass Out’ ceremony in front of very proud family and friends.  Having ‘passed out’, our cadets can join our other cadets for their Naval General Training.


We are open to any youngsters aged between 9 and 17 who live in the local area, and accept applications to join before the age of 9 for our waiting list.

Our cadets come from a wide range of backgrounds, united as one unit in the spirit of teamwork and mutual respect. By joining Gosport Division RMVCC, these young people put themselves out of their comfort zone, accepting new challenges on a daily basis whilst giving them the skills and developing their personal qualities to be able to stand head-and-shoulders above their peers.

We are constantly seeking to improve the cadet experience; looking to provide greater opportunities for our cadets to learn, develop and most importantly- have fun!


The VCC is run entirely on the hard work and dedication of a team of cadet force adult volunteers.

Volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds from ex-servicemen, civil servants, emergency services, ex-cadets, interested parents and many more, all contributing to the success and well-being of the cadets. As a CFAV we ask only that you adhere to our governing regulations, and contribute positively to the welfare and safety of our cadets.


If you would like to join, as a cadet or adult volunteer, or would like some more information, we would love to hear from you. Please do call us, or drop the unit an email using the details below.

  • Address: Gosport Division RMVCC, Fort Grange Keep, HMS Sultan, Military Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 3BY.
  • Telephone: 02392 542198.
  • Email: gosport@volunteercadetcorps.org
  • Training Nights: Mondays and Thursday 1800 to 2000

Our key personnel are:

  • Commanding Officer: WO1 Mark Branson.
  • Executive Officer: CPO Ian Sweet RNC.
  • Training Officer: PO S Harvey RN.
  • Finance Officer: Mrs Alison Karp.
  • Admin Officer: Mrs S Sharp