Published on 5th October 2016

Please click on the links below to see our cadets enjoying the wide range of activities the RMVCC offers:

Portsmouth Division Plymouth Division Lympstone Division Arbroath Division
Remembrance Parade 2010
Cockleshell Heroes 2011
Diamond Jubilee Party 2012
Cautley Cup 2013
Buckingham Palace 2014
Buckingham Palace
City of London 2014
 Carol Service 2015
Summer Camp 2005
Pass Out Parade R Coy 161
Sea Scout Training
Ex Brave Defender
Kirkcudbright Tattoo 2016
Remembrance Parade 2016
Seafarers’ Parade 2016
Carol Service 2016
First Steps R Coy 162
R Coy 162 Pass Out Parade 2017
R Coy 171 Ex First Steps 2017
Summer Camp 2017
RCoy 172 Ex First Steps
Winter Parade 2018
R Coy 172 Pass Out Parade 2018
RMVCC Cautley Cup 2018
RMVCC Spring Parade 2018
RMVCC Brickwoods Field Gun Comp 2018
Drill Display Team – Overlord 2018
RCoy 181 Pass Out Parade 2018
Summer Camp 2018
Pass Out Parade 2012
Armed Forces Day 2016
Corps of Drums 2016
Recruit Troop 216 Pass Out 2016


Recruit Pass Out 2009
Summer Camp 2014
Recruit Intake 2015
Bottom Field Regain
Pictures from the Arbroath Division will be published once this new RMVCC Division is established in 2018


Historical Videos

Our former Deal Division RMVCC have an illustrious history too, seen here being presented with the Kings Shield for shooting in 1930.  Later on, our cadets were on parade when HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother opened the then new barrack block at the RM School of Music.

The RM Cadets from the Portsmouth Division at Eastney visited HMS St Vincent, the home of the former RMLI Cadets, in Gosport in 1955 to perform the ceremony of Beating Retreat in ‘old time’ uniforms, some of which are still held in the stores at HMS Excellent to this day.  The Drum Major was John Reeves who went on to be a captain the Royal Marines.

The RMLI Cadet Marching Band in Gosport, carrying on the traditions of the former RMLI Cadets from the early 20th Century are seen here in Forton Road 1965.

Here in 1983 we see the band of Portsmouth Division RMVCC in the Southsea Carnival, and in 1995 again in the Portsmouth Lord Mayor’s Show.

The Portsmouth Division RMVCC used to hold a three day ‘tattoo’ in each year until 1986, with some in the 1960s being held at Fratton Park.  Here we see a selection of videos from 1961 where the cadets display their ceremonial, musical and historical skills, with some actions that might fall foul of today’s health and safety regulations!