Plymouth Division RMVCC

Published on 4th October 2016

plymouth-division-rmvcc-shieldFormed in 1904, the Plymouth Division was one of the first RMVCC units and has always been based at RM Stonehouse, the traditional home of the Royal Marines in Plymouth.  The unit is well supported by 30 Commando IX Group RM, also based in RM Stonehouse, as well as HQ 3 Commando Brigade RM.

The cadets in Plymouth participate in all of the usual RMC training and activities, making good use of Dartmoor which is only a 30 minute drive away.  This large isolated area is well used by the Royal Marines, and our cadets get to experience a little of what it is like to be a Royal Marines Commando under training.  Our cadets will often stay out on the moor overnight as they are trained in the art of living in the field, but always supervised by adults.  If you don’t like the rain, we’re probably not for you!

Like our other RMVCC Divisions, our recruits undergo basic training for 6 months as they are introduced to drill, map reading, navigation, first aid, field craft and Corps history.  The recruits’ training finishes with a weekend exercise on Dartmoor where their field skills are assessed and then a Pass Out parade in front of very proud family and friends.  The top recruit is awarded the prestigious Belle Isle Award.  Having ‘passed out’, our cadets can join our General Duties Training or Musical Training routes.

The Plymouth Division has a long musical heritage too, and previously had a band much like our friends in Portsmouth, notably playing at the Royal Tournament several times.  These days, we have a distinguished Corps of Drums and our musical cadets have been seen by thousands of people when they have appeared in public in the local area.  In the Corps of Drums our cadets have the challenge of learning to play the military side drum and the bugle, the bass drum or the tenor drum, under the direction of VCC Director of Music, Lt Tim Healy RMC.

Our musical cadets can progress up through the ranks and should aspire to become the Drum Major, leading the Corps of Drums on ceremonial parades and duties

For enquiries about joining or booking the Corps of Drums please contact us:

  • Address: Plymouth Division RMVCC, RM Stonehouse, Durnford Street, Plymouth, Devon. PL1 3QS.
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 01752 251 578.
  • Training Nights: Mondays and Wednesdays 1830 to 2030.

Our key personnel are:

  • Commanding Officer: Capt Ossie Glover RMC.
  • Second-in-Command: WO2 Chris Cope RMC.
  • Training Officer: WO2 Matt Orr RMC.
  • Unit Sergeant Major: WO2 James Glass RMC.
  • Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant: WO2 Darren Small RMC.
  • Personnel Logistician: Mrs Alison Birkett.