Chivenor Division RMVCC

Published on 22nd March 2021


Chivenor Division RMVCC is our newest unit and although the start-up date was delayed because of COVID, we were delighted to welcome our first cadets in October 2021.

The unit is fortunate enough to be based inside RMB Chivenor, just a few miles weat of Barnstaple. This fantastic facility, the home of Commando Logistic Regiment RM, places us in the heart of the local Corps community. Our cadets and adult volunteers will benefit from the invaluable support of our parent establishment and base personnel.


All of our cadets get to wear the traditional dress uniform and MTP working uniform of the Royal Marines.  The cadets will take part in parades and community activities including annual Remembrance Day events.

Cadets in Chivenor will participate in all of the usual RMVCC training and activities, and make good use of Dartmoor which is only a short drive away.  This large isolated area is well used by the Royal Marines, and our cadets get to experience a little of what it is like to be a Royal Marines Commando under training.  Our cadets will often stay out on the moor overnight as they are trained in the art of living in the field, but always supervised by adults.  If you don’t like the rain, we’re probably not for you!

Like our other RMVCC Divisions, our recruits undergo basic training for 5 months as they are introduced to drill, map reading, navigation, first aid, field craft and Corps history.  The recruits’ training finishes with a weekend exercise on a local training area where their field skills are assessed and then a Pass Out parade in front of very proud family and friends.  The top recruit is awarded the prestigious Belle Isle Award and the next four or five recruits will be awarded the title of Section Commander.  Having ‘passed out’, our cadets can join our general duties training.


If you are aged between 9 and 16 and would like to join as a cadet, or perhaps you are an adult who would like to help this new unit progress, simply get in contact for more information. You can also directly register your interest in joining via the Join Us as a Cadet or Join us as Staff pages.