Recruit Training

Published on 8th July 2016

On entering the Royal Marines Cadets, boys and girls are known as ‘recruits’ and within their Division will form R Company for the duration of their basic recruit training.

The recruits will undergo initial training for approximately four to five months before they ‘Pass Out’ at a ceremonial parade in front of family and friends to officially become Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Cadets.  Depending on the size of the Division, R Company will have between 15 and 30 recruits, and may be split into two or three troops.  There are usually two intakes a year; you can get further information from your nearest Royal Marines Cadet Division.

During recruit training, recruits will learn a variety of things including Drill, Corps History, Map Reading, Uniform Care & Maintenance and Badges of Rank.  Generally they wear smart civilian clothes to start off with (school uniform is ideal) and as they progress they will be issued with their ‘combat’ and ‘blues’ uniform.  The recruits wear berets with their blue uniform and are presented with their RM pattern white caps during their pass out parade.

If you think you can Meet The Challenge of being a Royal Marines Cadet then Recruit Training is where it all begins!