Command Training

Published on 8th July 2016

Command Training is provided to all cadets who are ranked Lance Corporal or above and have passed their end-of-year training assessments, and helps to progress our cadets that little bit further and set them on the path towards leadership. 

Cadets who pass their Command Training are then eligible for promotion to the next rank, and with hard work and dedication they can progress all the way to the top!


There are two Command Courses:

  • Junior Command Course (JCC) for promotion to Corporal.
  • Senior Command Course (SCC) for promotion to Sergeant.

Cadets who fail their command course can try it again the following year as long as they pass their next phase.

Course Content

The JCC and SCC share content but the pass mark for the JCC is 60% and the SCC is 65%.  The main areas in which the course candidates are tested are:

  • Personal drill.
  • Squadtaking.
  • Inspection Dress 1A (Blues).
  • Inspection Dress 4 (Combats).
  • Military and general knowledge test.
  • Lectures (5 min for JCC and 10 min for SCC).

For JCC and SCC candidates from the Band they will undergo a music assessment instead of military skills assessment.

Cadets have to achieve a pass in all subjects as well as overall in order to pass the their course.


The best placed candidate on the JCC and SCC (subject to passing) are given awards. For the JCC the best placed candidate is awarded a Whistle and Chain (worn with their Blues uniform for the rest of their cadet service) and in the SCC the best placed candidate is awarded the Filer Medal, also worn for the duration of their cadet service.