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Published on 29th June 2016

The Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps (RMVCC) is primarily geared towards field-based activities and training although some of our activities overlap with our Royal Naval Cadets counterparts.  Our traditional motto is ‘Be Worthy’, an ethos to which we expect all of our cadets to aspire.  We also have Royal Marines Cadets Bands.

Our Royal Marines Cadets wear both the ceremonial ‘Blues’ uniform of the Royal Marines as well as the camouflage ‘Combats’ uniform.  Taking a lead from our parent corps of Royal Marines, our cadets participate in a wide range of activities:

  • Drill and ceremonial parades.
  • Fieldcraft.
  • Navigation.
  • Weapon handling and safety.
  • First aid.
  • Community awareness.
  • Target shooting.
  • Swimming and sports.
  • Adventure training.

The first Royal Marines Cadets were formed in 1901 at what was then the Royal Marines Artillery barracks in Portsmouth (formerly home to the Corps Museum), and were called the Royal Marines Artillery Cadet Corps.  Soon expanding to Chatham, Plymouth, Deal and Lympstone, the title changed to Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps when we joined with our Royal Naval Cadet colleagues in the 1910s.

Today, the RMVCC has six ‘Divisions’ at:

…and two RMVCC Bands at:

We are seeking recruits and adult volunteers for all units, so why not join us and see if you can Meet the Challenge?

Youngsters can join the Royal Marines Cadets between the ages of 9 and 16, and then serve until their 18th birthday.  Having joined they undergo 4 to 5 months’ basic training as a recruit and then ‘pass out’ during a ceremonial parade in front of family and friends having been inspected by a senior officer.  See What We Offer for more information.

In all of our activities, parental support is crucial in assisting the cadets in getting the best out of what we offer. That may be help with preparing uniforms (although of course we expect cadets to polish their own boots ) and being a ‘taxi-service’ to and from our activities (although we do provide transport for most of our out-of-area activities).

cadets-map-readingOur joining fee is £90 which, whilst sounding a lot, is a lot less than the value of uniform and equipment that each cadet will be issued.  Once joined, each cadet is asked to pay a £120 annual membership fee although this can be paid monthly – so that is just £10 a month or £1.15 a night!  There may be charges for activities like annual camps but we do our best to keep these as low as possible.  Most of our other activities like weekend exercises and attending competitions are free of charge.  We provide all basic items of uniform (except boots which for health reasons have to be provided by individuals) and personal equipment although some cadets buy additional items so they always have spares.

We are always pleased to accept enquiries, whether its about joining as a cadet, joining our staff, booking one of our Display Teams, or just to find out more about us.

Contact your nearest RMVCC Division or Band today to see if you could ‘Be Worthy’ of being a Royal Marines Cadet with the Volunteer Cadet Corps.

Meet The Challenge!