Published on 13/12/2016

The VCC currently has six units along the south coast of England although there are plans to open new units soon.  Each unit is based on a ship’s company (RNC) or standard battalion structure with a senior cadet force adult volunteer as Commanding Officer.

The VCC once had over 15 units but some of these have closed as the Royal Navy estate has reduced over the years.  All the current VCC units report into Headquarters Volunteer Cadet Corps (HQVCC) which is based in Portsmouth and commanded by a senior VCC officer.  HQVCC is under the command of the Royal Navy’s Cadets, Universities and Youth organisation, commanded by Commodore Robert Fancy RN who is the Royal Navy’s Commander Core Training and Recruiting (COMCORE).  The VCC is sponsored by the Royal Navy under the authorisation of the Second Sea Lord.

Each VCC unit is commanded by a Commanding Officer, usually a VCC officer or warrant officer with extensive cadet and/or military experience.  They are assisted by serving Royal Navy or Royal Marines officers provided by the unit’s parent establishment who act as Liaison Officers to ensure that their unit is receiving adequate support from the Naval Service and MOD.  Other staff are drawn from each unit’s cadet force adult volunteers (CFAVs).


Headquarters VCC

  • Commander VCC: Lt Col Terry Wing RMC
  • Deputy Commander VCC: vacant
  • Executive Officer VCC: Lt Mikaela Rees-Swindon RN


Portsmouth Division RMVCC and HMS Excellent RNVCC

  • Commanding Officer: Lt Col Terry Wing RMC.
  • Second-in-Command: Capt Chris Spratt RMC.
  • Training Officer: WO2 Gary Langworthy RM.
  • Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant: WO2 Sharon Scott RMC.
  • Health & Safety Officer: CSgt Russell Chisnall RMC
  • Snr Finance & Admin Officer: Mrs Shirley Wing.


HMS Collingwood RNVCC

  • Commanding Officer: SLt Mike Fuller RNC.
  • Executive Officer: tba.
  • Training Officer: tba.



  • Commanding Officer: WO1 Mark Branson RNC.
  • Executive Officer: WO1 Kevin Bradford RNC.
  • Training Officer: CPO Ian Sweet RNC.


Plymouth Division RMVCC

  • Commanding Officer: Lt John Neale RMC.
  • Second-in-Command: WO2 Ossie Glover RMC.
  • Health and Safety/Development Officer: WO2 Louis Colpitts RMC.
  • Training Officer: Sgt Chris Cope RMC.
  • Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant: CSgt Darren Small RMC.
  • Admin and Finance Officer: Mrs Alison Birkett.


Lympstone Division RMVCC

  • Commanding Officer: WO1 Jen Crewdson RMC.
  • Second-in-Command: tba.
  • Training Officer: tba.


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