Published on 08/01/2021

As you know, we are celebrating our 120th anniversary this year. Our original plans have had to be pushed back due to Covid (more details on them soon) but we’d still like to celebrate our actual Cadet Corps birthday on the day itself, 14 February.

Therefore, we’d like to publish a video with as many cadets and adult volunteers as possible from across the VCC saying happy birthday in uniform (don’t worry, we wont ask anyone to sing!).

Therefore, much like the ‘Clap For Carers’ last year we invite cadets and staff to climb back into uniform and film a short clip simply saying “Happy Birthday VCC”.

A couple of points to help with filming:

• Please use landscape orientation of filming not portrait, ideally upper body only.

• We’d like a selection of uniforms so it would be great to have clips with cadets and staff in PCS, MTP, Lovats, Blues and Band Ceremonial dress please. Those in MTP can even get ‘cammed up’ and put their field kit on if they’d like.

• Please make sure uniforms are worn correctly (ie: collars done up, buttons, fastened, headress on properly, etc).

• Please use a neutral or not-too-busy background (eg: garden, blank wall), or a background that has something relevant in shot (eg: a VCC, RN or RM crest or badge on a wall, or possibly a picture/photo/flag relevant to the cadets).

Can you please email your video clips to our webmaster at and we’ll take it from there. Please note that by submitting your video clip we will assume you or (for cadets) your parents/carers give the VCC permission to use it in our media publications.

We may be in lock down but lets still try to celebrate our special birthday in style.

Comd VCC