VCC represented at RCFA Conference – ‘Connecting Defence with Society’

Published on 09/11/2022

The Commander (and Senior Cadet Force Adult Volunteer) of the Volunteer Cadet Corps was delighted to attend the Council of Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations annual conference at the QEII Centre in #London on 09 November 2022 representing the Volunteer Cadet Corps. It was an opportunity to hear updates from senior RFCA and Ministry of Defence leaders, and explore some of the topics facing our reserve and cadet forces. 

Lt Col (VCC) Chris Spratt said “I am grateful to have been invited to join my fellow senior Cadet Force Adult Volunteers on stage as the panel debating what more the RFCAs around the UK could do for the five MOD sponsored cadet forces. As well as developing the cadet experience and ensuring assurance aspects, we discussed D&I and employer recognition of cadets’ and adult volunteers’ skills sets.” 

Being a volunteer himself, Col Spratt gives thanks to his employer providing ‘volunteer days’ – the VCC is grateful to them and many other CFAV employers for supporting their volunteer activities.  

The UK cadet forces provide life-enhancing opportunities for thousands of young people (and adults) across the UK.  As a keen advocate, I would thoroughly recommend reading Professor Simon Denny’s report on the socio-economic benefit these organisations have, and encourage anyone who wishes to invest in our young people to support our cadet organisations.

Our thanks to CRFCA for the invitation today, and to the RFCAs for what they do to support the VCC and our peer cadet organisations.

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