Portsmouth RMVCC Cadet Warrant Officer’s Board

Published on 21/03/2023

On Tuesday evening, eligible cadets from Portsmouth RMVCC were selected to attend their Cadet Warrant Officer Board. 

The Board was Chaired by Capt (VCC) Louis Colpitts, Executive Officer (Support) VCC and supported by WO1Bug Phill Hawkins RM, Corps Bugle Major Royal Marines Band Service and WO2 Russ Piner RM, 2IC Bands of RMVCC Gosport. 

The cadets undertook an interview that focused on their cadet experience and career, personal and unit development opportunities and their vision of the role. 

Capt Colpitts said “It really is a great opportunity for the cadets to sit Boards like this. For many, it is their first time to interviewed and it will give them the opportunities to prepare for life.

Not only is it fulfilling to see the pride in their face when they find out they have passed, but to learn how the cadets have developed and grown as an individual with thanks to the VCC, certainly makes it worth it”. 

Congratulations to Cadet CSgt’s Parr and Hinchliffe on your promotions to Cdt WO2. As Spider-Man said “with great power, comes great responsibility”. 

Both cadets provided fantastic responses to the questions asked with maturity, passion and enthusiasm. They were a true credit to the VCC and to the Royal Marines.