Command Warrant Officer Appointment

Published on 25/04/2023

Lt Col (VCC) Chris Spratt was delighted to formally appoint WO2 (VCC) Ryan Shelley GM as the new Command Warrant Officer (CWO) in the Volunteer Cadet Corps on Mon 24 Apr 2023. 

Having served 12 years in the Royal Marines as a medic, Mr Shelley was awarded the George Medal for actions in active service while in Afghanistan. After leaving the Corps in 2014, Mr Shelley joined the NHS as a Paramedic on the HART team where he spent a number of years working whilst also volunteering in the VCC – latterly as the Executive Officer at HMS Excellent RNVCC. 

Responsible for monitoring and guiding Service matters across the VCC, focusing on supporting standards, discipline, ethos, values, and culture, as CWO Mr Shelley will act as Comd VCC’s representative amongst the CFAVs. He will also support and guide adult volunteers in their continuing personal development.

Upon appointment, WO2 (VCC) Ryan Shelley GM said “It’s a privilege to take on this role in the Volunteer Cadet Corps and I am really excited to get started”

“The role of the Command Warrant Officer is to act as a bridge between our units and the Senior Leadership Team. Getting out to the units, working with the teams and helping to provide the best possible experience for our Cadets and Adult Volunteers.”. 

We cannot wait to see Mr Shelley out and about visiting our Units. Why not follow our CWO on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about this crucial volunteer role.