Cadet Aviation Proficiency Weekend Highlights! 

Published on 29/01/2024

Sat 20 Jan 2024, marked our first Volunteer Cadet Corps Cadet Naval Aviation Proficiency Course held jointly with the Sea Cadets.

Together, we delved into topics covering the History of the Fleet Air Arm, Principles of Flight, Radiotelegraphy, Metrology, Flight Deck Operations, and the exciting world of Aviation Careers. 

The first day our cadets were stationed on the iconic HMS BELFAST, allowing them a unique opportunity to “kip on a ship” and immerse themselves in the maritime life. 

Day two was equally epic, as we embarked on a visit to the Farnborough Air Sciences Museum. Cadets and Adult Volunteers had the chance to get hands-on with awe-inspiring aviation history, explore cockpit interiors, and immerse themselves in flight simulators. 

SLt (VCC) Gary Fletcher, Executive Officer (Training) said “In a remarkable collaboration – 1 Cadet Force, 2 RN Cadet Force Organisations, 17 cadets, and 6 staff members working seamlessly to create an educational experience that surpassed expectations. The synergy between Sea Cadets and the Volunteer Cadet Corps was evident as they shared knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm for aviation”

The impact was undeniable, with some cadets leaving the experience not only inspired but also googling the realm of aviation careers. The Farnborough Air Sciences Museum shop can attest to our cadets’ zeal, as they practically cleared the shelves of aviation magazines!