Published on 08/01/2021

As you know, we are celebrating our 120th anniversary this year. Our original plans have had to be pushed back due to Covid (more details on them soon) but we’d still like to celebrate our actual Cadet Corps birthday on the day itself, 14 February.

Therefore, we’d like to publish a video with as many cadets and adult volunteers as possible from across the VCC saying happy birthday in uniform (don’t worry, we wont ask anyone to sing!).

Therefore, much like the ‘Clap For Carers’ last year we invite cadets and staff to climb back into uniform and film a short clip simply saying “Happy Birthday VCC”.

A couple of points to help with filming:

• Please use landscape orientation of filming not portrait, ideally upper body only.

• We’d like a selection of uniforms so it would be great to have clips with cadets and staff in PCS, MTP, Lovats, Blues and Band Ceremonial dress please. Those in MTP can even get ‘cammed up’ and put their field kit on if they’d like.

• Please make sure uniforms are worn correctly (ie: collars done up, buttons, fastened, headress on properly, etc).

• Please use a neutral or not-too-busy background (eg: garden, blank wall), or a background that has something relevant in shot (eg: a VCC, RN or RM crest or badge on a wall, or possibly a picture/photo/flag relevant to the cadets).

Can you please email your video clips to our webmaster at and we’ll take it from there. Please note that by submitting your video clip we will assume you or (for cadets) your parents/carers give the VCC permission to use it in our media publications.

We may be in lock down but lets still try to celebrate our special birthday in style.

Comd VCC


Published on 19/12/2020


The torch of knowledge changes hands as the current Commander of the VCC, Lieutenant Colonel (VCC) Terence Wing VR steps down from his Command on 31 December 2020 after 6 years of being in the position and 13 years with the organisation.  

The Royal Navy has appointed Major (VCC) Christopher Spratt as the next Commander of the Volunteer Cadet Corps. He will take post on 1 January 2021. Maj Spratt is currently the Deputy Commander of the VCC.

Lt Col Wing joined the organisation after completing his military career as a Commissioned Officer with the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment and took up post as the Training Officer of the Portsmouth Division RMVCC in 2007, he then went onto become the Commanding Officer of the Division in 2009. After completing his time with Portsmouth Division RMVCC he was promoted to Lt Col in 2014 to take up the post of very first appointed Commander of the Volunteer Cadet Corps. He has steered the VCC into the organisation that it is today, fully sponsored and recognised by the Ministry of Defence and more visible to the public. The contribution of Lt Col Wing has been both on the front line and behind the scenes, and is the pillar upon which the VCC now stands today. He has tackled the challenging issues of establishing the VCC as a single service organisation complete with a new headquarters, setting up the VCC Training Centre, establishing a VCC wide cadet training syllabus, organisational expansion, transition to a fully MOD Sponsored Cadet Force, forming independent charities and all with commitment,  energy and passion.

Lt Col Wing said “It has been a genuine privilege to command the Volunteer Cadet Corps and, whilst it was a very difficult decision to step down, I know the organisation is in great shape and in safe hands for the future. I thank all cadets, adult volunteers and wider stakeholders of the VCC for their support and friendship, and wish them continuing success.”  

Lt Col Wing has committed to his VCC duties whilst owning and managing a successful facilities management company in Hampshire.

Having been with the VCC since 1982, Maj Spratt has progressed through the ranks as both a Cadet and Cadet Force Adult Volunteer. Formerly the Commanding Officer of Portsmouth Division RMVCC, Maj Spratt has held a range of appointments in his 32 years of volunteering, including Company Commander and Chief Instructor – indeed, he’s the first VCC ex-cadet to go from the very bottom to the very top in their Unit and Organisation.

He said: “I am delighted and honoured to be appointed as the next Commander of the Volunteer Cadet Corps. Watching our young people develop and ‘Meet the Challenge’ of modern life is truly inspiring but I know that the organisation would not enjoy its superb reputation without the determination and commitment of an excellent team of permanent staff working with an amazing network of adult volunteers.  I have enormous respect and gratitude for everything that Colonel Terry has achieved for the VCC during his tenure, and I am looking forward to helping the organisation grow and march confidently into the future with my dedicated Senior Leadership team.” In his civilian life, Maj Spratt lives in Hampshire and works as a corporate real estate director for part of Cambridge University.

The entire Volunteer Cadet Corps wishes Lt Col Wing well for the future.

Lt Col T E Wing VR (VCC), Outgoing Commander VCC

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VJ Day 75 |Remembrance

Published on 30/07/2020

With so many events cancelled or restricted for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VJ Day on 15 August 2020, join the Volunteer Cadet Corps in commemorating VJ Day by sending paper cranes to us at Headquarters, where they will be assembled into a paper wreath for the Children’s Peace Monument in the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park.

15 August 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, when Imperial Japan surrendered to the Allies, ending World War II. During six years of fighting, at least 50 million people died. Shortly before VJ Day, on 6 and 9 August 1945, the United States, with the consent of the United Kingdom, dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively, to bring an end to the Pacific War. The atomic bombs killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people, the majority of whom were civilians. This devastating loss of life brought about the Japanese surrender.

What is the Children’s Peace Monument?

The Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima is dedicated to Sadako Sasaki who died of radiation poisoning as a result of the atomic bomb aged 12. While she was in hospital, Sadako wanted to fold a thousand cranes – in Japanese tradition, if you fold 1000 cranes you are granted a wish. Sadako’s wish was to have a world without nuclear weapons. Today, thousands of origami cranes from all over the world are offered to her monument. This is where your cranes wreath will be laid.

How do I make a paper crane?

 Follow this step-by-step tutorial video to create your own paper crane.

Where do I send my cranes?

Once you have made your paper cranes, please send them to: Headquarters Volunteer Cadet Corps, 158 Building, HMS EXCELLENT, Whale Island, PORTSMOUTH, PO2 8ER. The closing date is 21 August 2020

VCC Response to COVID-19

Published on 24/03/2020

15 September 2020
The Volunteer Cadet Corps Returns to Duty
As life slowly gets back to a sense of normality, getting back together as both Royal Navy and Royal Marines Cadets has finally happened.

I would like to start by thanking our cadets, but also their parents and principle guardians for allowing them to remain engaged in the Volunteer Cadet Corps during this extremely difficult time. I know that many cadets have been actively participating in virtual activities throughout this time, and I am grateful of our Adult Volunteers who have been facilitating these activities. The overarching aim has been to show all cadets, that we have been thinking about them as well as allowing them to continue to develop and enjoy their time as members of the Volunteer Cadet Corps. It gives me great pleasure, that the time has now come where we hope they will all return to their units for ‘face-to-face’ training for at least part of our activities.

My staff at Headquarters and at Unit level have been working tirelessly in the planning and implementation for opening all VCC Units in our Bases and this begins on the 21 September 2020, but we must note that not all Units will open at the same time due to a number of restrictions. More information will be issued in due course, please keep an eye on Units social media pages and direction sent via email by your Admin Office.

This has been an extremely difficult period for us all and whilst we are looking forward to being back in business, it is emphasised that the safety and security of our cadets is paramount at all times. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Son/Daughter/Ward’s Unit Admin Officer for information. 

Unit social media platforms will be updated on a regular basis to provide up to date information on how and when your Cadet can return to VCC activities. Timings may have had to change as well as locations within the bases, so please check before they return.

Please rest assured that all my staff and the MOD Staff have worked extremely hard to prepare the training locations to ensure the cadets can operate in a COVID-19 secure manner. I am grateful to the Royal Navy for their support and for the support from the Parent Establishment Liaison Officers in getting everything in place for activities to start again, but I would like to echo my previous sentiments that my most sincere thanks goes to all of the Adult Volunteer Staff who have maintained what we call ‘Battle Rhythm’ for the Cadets and have endeavoured to maintained their interest throughout these difficult times.

To the staff, cadets, and their families I say welcome back! It is great to see things returning to something approaching normal and I am sure that you are all delighted for the VCC to be Back in Business– enjoy your time together but please stay safe! I look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Yours Aye,
Lt Col Terry Wing VR VCC
Commander VCC

Due to the ongoing situation surrounding COVID-19, there is a slight delay in the enrolment process. Keeping staff and cadets safe are our main priorities, in line with Government guidelines. We are doing all we possibly can to work as effectively as possible, however, there may be unavoidable delays with some applications.

24 March 2020
The health, safety and welfare of our cadets and adult volunteers is our primary concern and as such you will not be surprised to learn that we have suspended all face to face cadet activities and training whilst the Covid (Coronavirus) situation is ongoing.  We are supporting our people as best we can, and engaging with them through emails and social media.  Our cadets and staff are very much part of the VCC family and whilst we can’t conduct normal activities we will do our best to keep the organisation informed and connected during these challenging times.

We are working hard behind the scenes to re-plan our activities for later in the year, and remain committed to ensuring the cadet experience will return to normality as soon as possible.  For those recruits who were just about to ‘Pass Out’ we’ll get new dates arranged as soon as we can, and for new cadets and adult volunteers who were just about to join us we will reschedule induction evenings at the earliest opportunity.

In the meantime I send my best wishes to everyone and encourage you all to follow NHS guidance on staying safe and well.

I extend my thanks to everyone in the VCC, to our external stakeholders across the country, and to the many healthcare, emergency services and essential workers keeping us safe and supported right now.

We Will Be Back!

T Wing
Comd VCC


Published on 19/11/2019

We have teamed up with Amazon and Easy Fundraising, enabling supporters a way to support the VCC Family whilst completing their online Christmas shopping.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support a charity of your choice every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact shopping experience as the same standard Amazon site, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your selected charity.

Easy Fundraising

Easyfundraising turns your everyday online shopping into free donations for your favourite cause. How? Just start your online shopping first at easyfundraising, then shop as normal. Their retailers will then make a small donation to say “thank you”.

There are 3,755 retailers to choose from and so far over £28 million has been raised for thousands of community groups, schools, sports clubs, small and large charities across the UK. Easy!