Join as an Adult Volunteer

Published on 02/07/2016

We need more adult volunteers to help run our exciting and expanding organisation.  We welcome applications from adults from all walks of life and from all aspects of the local communities we serve.  All we ask is that our volunteers offer some commitment, work towards achieving Our Aim and Our Vision, and adhere to our values and ethos.

Who Can Join?

There’s no set profile for an adult volunteer in the VCC and you don’t need previous military experience. Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and from a variety of backgrounds. Of more importance is that you have an interest in working with young people, will commit to our values and standards, and want to help young people become responsible and dependable members of society.

As an adult volunteer in the VCC you will need to follow our regulations, as you would expect in any organisation committed to the welfare and safety of its people.  Adult volunteers also have the chance to attend courses to increase their skills, and participate in a range of exciting and fun activities.  You’ll also meet some excellent and inspirational young people and make loads of new friends.


There are three categories of volunteers:

  • Uniformed Staff  This category includes our command, instructing and other essential back-up staff, and form the principal cadre of our operational team. 
  • Non-Uniformed Staff  These volunteers, who do not wear uniform, provide additional support such as stores assistants, catering assistants and administration staff.  Many are introduced to the VCC when a child joins.  Quite often, both a parent and a child will join a unit, and husband and wife teams are common. 
  • Service Helpers  These volunteers are serving regular or reserve armed forces personnel who volunteer to help the VCC in addition to their duties.  Whilst they receive no additional pay or allowances the fact that they offer to help the VCC may be taken into account during appraisals etc.

Please read our Adult Volunteer Guide for more information to see how you could ‘Help Make a Difference‘ to our cadets’ lives.

How to Join

Applications from adults (civilian or military) aged 18 or over are welcome for any category of staff.  To apply please complete the electronic application form below:

Apply to join the VCC as a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer

Thereafter we will:

  • Acknowledgement We will acknowledge your application.
  • Review  Your application will be considered by a senior member of our staff and if we decide that you may be appropriate to join our organisation we will invite you to attend an interview.
  • Decision  After your interview we will write to let you know if we will invite you to join our staff on a probationary basis, or explain why we don’t think you’re quite for joining us.
  • Probation Your probationary appointment is subject to receiving satisfactory references and a clear enhanced criminal records check.  If your references and/or disclosure check are not satisfactory then regrettably we may have to ask you to leave.
  • Equipment   Uniform and other equipment is only issued once references and disclosure checks are satisfactorily completed.
  • Training  You will need to attend a basic induction course lasting one weekend at some point in your probationary period, plus other periodic adult training periods.
  • Confirmation After your probationary period (or longer if you have not yet attended the basic induction course) your appointment will be confirmed or we may decide to extend your probationary period if we feel we or you need more time to decide about confirming your appointment.

You may like to visit us before submitting your application.  If so, please contact us by email and we will arrange a suitable appointment to tour your chosen unit and some of our team.

What We Ask For 

Our basic expectations are:

  • Safeguarding  You keep the safety and welfare of our cadets as your paramount concern.
  • Regulations  You adhere to VCC and MOD regulations.
  • Commitment You commit an amount of time that suits your role and keep to it (letting us know in advance if you need to change it).
  • Training  You carry out our periodic adult mandatory training (either face-to-face or online as required) and have a valid in-date enhanced disclosure check (every three years) to ensure you remain a safe person for volunteering in the youth sector.
  • Standards  You wear our uniform with pride and maintain the honour and traditions of the Cadet Corps and the Royal Navy & Royal Marines.

Whilst we value and encourage applications from a diverse range of people our foremost obligation is to ensure the welfare and safety of our cadets.  Applicants will be assessed to ensure they meet our standards and are appropriate to be adult volunteers, including being role models that our cadets can look up to.  Being an adult volunteer does not mean any obligation to join HM Armed Forces and there is no call-up liability.

Some of our adult volunteers have been part of the VCC for over 35 years and whilst we don’t expect every volunteer to commit for that length of service it does show that joining the VCC could be a significant and worthy part of your life.

We look forward to hearing from you.